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Transmission Servicing

Why call Woodford Transmission?

Think of your transmission as the muscles of your car. It turns energy into motion. Cars today give us many more miles than they used to. That's because of improved technology. However,  even the best cars break down occasionally. When that happens, it is time to call Woodford Transmission.


Our technicians are constantly learning about advances in automobile technology. That's how we stay ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition. That's what we do.

Our transmission services include:

  • Cleaning, inspection, rebuilding

  • Removal and repair of old transmission

  • Disposal of parts and fluids

  • Precise installation of new unit

  • Automatic and manual transmissions

Transmissions - it's what we do best

because we've been doing them over 30 years

We fix them all: foreign or domestic, from cars up to 1-ton trucks

24-Hour Emergency Towing

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